Gourmets will enjoy our regional dishes and wines!

Different areas so different from each other, too... the lake, the plain and the mountain, our regional food can be devided into three groups:

The plain food is tipically from Piedmont, stricktly linked with the land and its fruits, such as
 rice, protagonist of many recipes of risotto and the famous "Paniscia" novarese. And also the meat, stewed or roasted, the game, theBagna Cauda, served with season vegetables, without forgetting other main courses such as Agnolotti del PlinBrasato al Barolo or Fritto Misto alla Piemontese.

The lake area food is mainly based on simple and delicate dishes of fish:
 perch, symbol of the lake, served in fillet or main ingredient of risotto; bleaks, fried or soused, but also the pike, the lake trout and the whitefish, especially soused and served cold as required by the ancient recipe.

Finally the mountain food, with its strong flavours: le classic
 polenta served with sausages and tomato sauce, rabbit meat, milk, toma cheese or mushrooms. On chopping boards you will find sausages, pancetta, bresaola, mortadella ossolana, lardo alle erbe di Macugnaga, ham and violino di capra from Vigezzo Valley.

The whole area around Lake Maggiore and the valleys in the nearby are well-known for the production of cheese: Gorgonzola D.O.P., Bettelmatt, Ossolano d'Alpe, Latteria di Crodo, Toma del Mottarone and then many goats’ and ricotta cheeses from mountains huts or dairies in the valleys.

Over the most famous wines of Piedmont, such as
 Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto and Barbera, this area offers flavoured wines, appropriate the regional food: Ghemme,Gattinara, and many others.

Honey is another specialty of the area around Lake Maggiore. Thanks to the geographical position the vegetation is very assorted and the honey production, too:chestnut, locust tree, acacia, linden, rhododendron, the honeydew, the mixed flowers and the mixed mountain flowers.